I wake up. Kiddo wakes up. Then sometimes we have this sort of day:

We do breakfast, lunch, and dinner (at the appropriate times) I get him down for a nap, throughout the day I keep him (mostly) happy.

The day ends and I am still in my pajamas, the house is a bit of a disaster, none of my to do list is done…so the only reasonable theory is that time de-exists with a toddler.

I will say that on these days we have so much fun! Forts, dancing, playing tag, dress up, oh and maybe a tantrum or two. It just doesn’t matter if the house looks like a toy tornado came through…there’s the corny truth.

Never say never


The most overused phrase in parenthood is used for a reason. It’s true. When we bought our home I knew we would have a playroom instead of an office. If toys didn’t fit in the house then we wouldn’t buy them. Christmas 2011 changed that. My parents bought kiddo an indoor roller coaster. He loves it, I love it, it’s going to be in the middle of our living room for a very long time.