Valentines Day


Never say never


The most overused phrase in parenthood is used for a reason. It’s true. When we bought our home I knew we would have a playroom instead of an office. If toys didn’t fit in the house then we wouldn’t buy them. Christmas 2011 changed that. My parents bought kiddo an indoor roller coaster. He loves it, I love it, it’s going to be in the middle of our living room for a very long time.

Toilet Paper

Okay, so here is my solution:

I will try to ignore it and go the passive aggressive route and hope that husband will get the hint. He never does. I will use a new toilet paper roll and set it on top of the roll that is out  (save for the 3 squares hanging on). Husband seemingly blissfully unaware uses the new toilet paper roll and sets it on top as well. It goes on like this until we are more than halfway through with the new roll and I crack. I put the roll on the holder. We enjoy a week of toilet paper on the roll and then we are back to square one, or three. Repeat. I don’t know if my husband is aware of the type of crazy he married.