Chalkboard Door!

So this is my current work in progress!

We had an old door laying around (who doesn’t?) and I found some inspiration from Pinterest:

So the door was a standard white, I made my own chalkboard paint (found that on Pinterest too) sanded down the gloss (I used 120 grit) and painted that sucker!

The molding and panels are a nice grey tone (AFM Safecoat,Winter)

The rails and stiles are a bright yellow (AFM Safecoat, Neti)

I was able to transform the paint into chalkboard paint by adding 2 Tbsp of unsanded tile grout per cup of paint. Just make sure your paint is a flat base!

The reason this is still a work in progress is because I haven’t found the perfect doorknob (to use as a hanger for his backpack) and I need husband to mount it to a wall!

One more close up for good measure, these colors make me so happy!


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